The Episcopal Church welcomes everyone, including infants and young children, into the household of God by Holy Baptism. Parents and godparents often make the promises contained in the Baptismal Covenant on behalf of children who are too young to speak for themselves. Confirmation evolved so that those baptized at an early age could make a mature profession of faith and a commitment to Christ when they were ready to do so.

In the sacrament of Confirmation, we receive the laying on of hands by a bishop, linking us to the apostles in an unbroken chain. We receive strength from the Holy Spirit to live life according to our baptismal promises, which are reiterated in the confirmation liturgy.

Prerequisites for Confirmation are Holy Baptism, instruction in the Christian faith, and an intention to profess that faith and to enter into the baptismal covenant in the presence of the Emmanuel Church community. Typically, confirmands who were baptized as infants join confirmation classes between the ages of 14 and 16. However, young people who wish to explore their faith and get to know their church in a new way are welcome. If you have questions about Confirmation class, please contact the Rev. Brockenbrough.

Confirmation will take place on October 2, 2016 when the Bishop visits Emmanuel.

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